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of Port Jefferson, NY in the Diocese of Rockville Centre
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Listed directly below are the most current issues of our parish bulletin. You can also find downloadable forms, event flyers, information sheets and more that are of current interest. If you do not see what you are looking for, please remember to scroll down.
If you are looking for an issue of the bulletin or other files not listed above, please browse the folders listed below. If you do not see what you are looking for, please remember to scroll all the way down.

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Date 2019-12-30
File Size 4.4 MB
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Date 2020-01-07
File Size 4.11 MB
Download 504
Date 2020-01-15
File Size 4.19 MB
Download 243
Date 2020-01-29
File Size 4.28 MB
Download 385
Date 2020-02-04
File Size 4.26 MB
Download 429
Date 2020-02-12
File Size 4.39 MB
Download 405
Date 2020-02-19
File Size 4.5 MB
Download 1,568
Date 2020-02-26
File Size 4.34 MB
Download 496
Date 2020-03-03
File Size 4.39 MB
Download 416
Date 2020-03-11
File Size 4.61 MB
Download 460
Date 2020-03-18
File Size 4.73 MB
Download 275
Date 2020-03-27
File Size 9.51 MB
Download 240
Date 2020-04-02
File Size 4.24 MB
Download 308