Do any of these situations apply to you?

  • Have you been attending Mass at Infant Jesus, but have never officially registered with us?
  • Have you registered your household with us, but it has been many years, and there have been changes?
  • Do you live in the greater Port Jefferson area and are looking for a more complete and satisfying faith experience?
  • Have you just moved here?
  • plus any of a hundred more situations?


We have great news for you!

We welcome all new members and are grateful for all our existing church members!

The first step is simply to come and attend our Masses and Services. speak with our Ushers and Greeters. They will be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have. Our priests and deacons are always ready to greet you after the Mass or Service.

The second step is to register with the parish. We would like to get know you better and to better serve your needs. You can always stop the Rectory office, located directly between the Church and the Our Lady of Wisdom Regional Catholic School on Myrtle Avenue in Port Jefferson. We will answer any questions you may have about our programs and give you a registration form that you can take home and mail back to us. Or you can click on the link below and register on-line.

The third and final step is to get involve with the parish and all that it has to offer. Come to Mass. Join us at our many social events. Get involved in our social groups, our ministries and organizations. Not only do they offer a great time, but they provide great service and outreach to our parish, our Church, our local community and greater world around us.

If you are not yet Catholic, join our R.C.I.A. (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) program. This program begins in late September and continues into the Easter season. It allows you to make an informed choice about being a Catholic. For those who choose to accept God's call, we welcome you into full communion with the Church on the Easter Vigil Mass (on the Saturday evening before Easter Sunday) where you will receive any of the Holy Sacraments of Initiation you require. These are Baptism, Holy Communion or Eucharist, and Confirmation. It is the most beautiful Mass of the entire Church year.

Register with us online or update your household information