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of Port Jefferson, NY in the Diocese of Rockville Centre
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Infant Jesus Church Hierarchy via Church Buildings


Our parish, here at Infant Jesus, is part of the Universal Catholic Church. We are served by the Church at three basic levels: The Papacy, currently with Pope Francis as the successor to the Chair of Peter; The Diocese, currently with Bishop William Murphy as the head of the Diocese of Rockville Center; The Parish, under the guidance of our pastor, Fr. Patrick Riegger.  It is this hierarchy that leads, guides and supports our parish. The authority of the Church that Jesus founded through Peter comes each of us from the Holy Father, the Pope; to the Bishops of our Diocese; to the Pastor and priests working within our parish with the aid of our Deacons.

Our Pope and Bishops

Our Parish Priests

Our Parish Deacons

Our Parish is blessed to be served by our Pastor, Fr. Patrick Riegger; our two Associate Priests, Fr. Francis and Fr. Rolando Ticllasuca. Our parishioners also see Fr. Jack Moore (Retired) serving as a Weekend Assistant Priest; and Fr. Anthony Ewherido, who serves as a Summer Associate Priest. In addition, two Hospital Chaplains, Fr. Mickey Bancroft and Fr. Henry Vas, are very present and active in our parish.

Besides the Mass, our priests share the sacramental life with the faithful through hearing confessions, performing baptisms, marriages, confirmations and visiting and anointing the sick. In addition to the sacraments, they perform funerals and burials. Our priests also provide for the spiritual welfare of the faithful and the entire community at large throug providing various types of counseling, spiritual direction, visiting the sick, the home-bound and those living in various care facilities. They provide instruction in the faith, not only through their homilies during the Mass, but also through our schools and Religioius Education programs for both children and adults. There are also many organizational and opperational aspects of maintaining a parish that requires the attention of our priests. And they are there to celebrate the joy of our faith and our community at many private, parish and public events that bring us all closer together as one body in Christ. Factor in the personal devotions of prayer and study that our priests commit themselves to, and we can see how blessed we are that they find the time and resources to be among us, ready to serve our needs.

We are also very blessed at Infant Jesus through our many deacons who serve so many of the needs of our parish. Our deacons, besides taking active roles in leading our many ministries, are an integral part of mass. They assist the priests in both the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist. As Deacons, they often preside at baptisms, wedding services, and wake and funeral services. They assist with the religious education of our children, visit the old and the ill and work with pastor at all levels to see that the needs of parish and it's members are met.

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