Introducing our Pastoral Staff at

of Port Jefferson, NY in the Diocese of Rockville Centre
Pastoral Staff Introduction Page
Fr. Patrick Riegger

Rev. Patrick M. Riegger

Pastor of Infant Jesus Parish

Fr. Patrick was ordained on June 9th, 2001 and became an Associate Pastor at St. Anne’s in Garden City, NY from 2001-2005. From 2005-2010 he served as Associate Pastor in St. Patrick’s parish of Smithtown, NY. In June of 2010, Fr. Patrick became our pastor here at Infant Jesus. He has been renewed for his second six year term in our parish.

Fr. Francis Lasrado

Rev. Francis Lasrado

Associate Priest at Infant Jesus Parish

 Fr. Francis, who hails from India, was ordained on May 7, 1980 for the Diocese of Dibrugarh, Assam in North Eastern India. He ministered there in several capacities till the end of 2002. He came to US in 2003 and served at St. James Parish, Seaford as visiting priest for nearly two years, as Associate Pastor in Good Shepherd, Holbrook from 2004-2010 and currently is Associate Pastor here at Infant Jesus. He was incardinated to the Diocese of Rockville Centre in March of 2012.

Fr. Rolando Ticllasuca

Rev. Rolando Ticllasuca

Associate Priest and Spanish Ministry Chaplain at Infant Jesus Parish

Fr. Rolando was born in Peru. Hearing God's call, he joined the Missionaries of Our Lord of Miracles and was ordained in the Archdiocese of Lima, Peru, on January 14, 1994. He served as a priest in his home country for four years. In June of 1999, Fr. Rolando came to work in the United States, for the Diocese of Rockville Centre. Orginally he served in Nassau County, and was eventually transferred to Our Lady of the Assumption in Copaigue from 2011 to 2013. In June of 2013, Fr. Rolando came to join our parish community here at Infant Jesus where he serves as our Associate Priest and leads our Spanish Community.

Fr. Jack Moore

Rev. Jack Moore

Weekend Associate Priest at Infant Jesus Parish

Fr. Jack was born in Brooklyn in 1938. But spent most of his early years in Nassau County. After attending both minor and major seminaries, Fr. Jack was ordained a priest on May 30th of 1964 and through the years has served in many parishes across Long Island, mostly in Suffolk county. The last parish that he served in full-time was St. Mary's of East Islip (1999-2009). After over 35 years of service, Fr. Jack retired and became a senior priest. He still serves our Lord and our community in many ways. Here at Infant Jesus, Fr. Jack is our "Weekend Priest", helping to celebrate the many masses that are held at Infant Jesus each weekend. He is pictured here with his grand-nephew, Gabriel Lopez.

Fr. Anthony Ewherido

Rev. Anthony Ewherido

Summer Associate Priest at Infant Jesus Parish

Rev. Anthony O. Ewherido is a priest in the Catholic Diocese of Warri, Nigeria where he is also the head of the Department of Theology at the Regional Seminary - Sts. Peter and Paul Seminary, Bodija, Nigeria - at which he also teaches biblical studies. He was ordained on October 18, 1986, and resided in the Diocese of Rockville Centre while doing his graduate studies at St. John’s and Fordham University. He has also worked as a hospital Chaplain at Stony Brook University Hospital from 1995-2006.