Participate in a Life With Jesus Christ

Come and Participate!

We urge you, as a Catholic, to come and participate in the life of our Church. There is so much more beyond the attendance of Mass. Come and enjoy the fellowship, feel the satisfaction of helping others, expand your understanding and participation of a full life in Jesus Christ...Come and See! what our Church, as the Body of Christ, has to offer you, and you will find out what you have to offer to all of us!

Ministries are usually under the direct guidance of the Pastor and Parish Council.

Liturgical Ministries, are the ministries that support our parish in presenting the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, or they may be involved with the Sacramental Life by assisting the parish in providing the Holy Sacraments such as Baptism, Matrimony and bringing the Eucharist to the home-bound. They also assist in funerals and other services.

Service Ministries, are the ministries that reach out and help our parishioners and community in various ways. Religious Education, or Faith Formation, ministries provide for the education of both children and adults in becoming full members of the Catholic Church by preparing them to receive the Sacraments of Initiation - Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation. They also teach about Holy Scripture and the beliefs of our faith. There, of course, are also ministries that support our parishioners ongoing faith development, these include Bible Studies, special presentations and more.

Organizations are those groups that act in cooperation with the Pastor and Parish Council, while being self-governing to a greater extent.

Societies, are groups that may belong to various national and international organizations. They all have different mission statements, but all promote a life grounded in God's Holy Church.

Prayer and Spiritual Groups, are organized groups of individual who come together on a regular basis for prayer or special devotions.

Social Groups, are organized groups of individuals who come together to enjoy communal activities, do and promote good works and more.

Event groups, are organized groups of individuals who come together to sponsor a major parish event.

Come and Volunteer!

There are many steps towards integrating the mission of the Church into your lives. First and foremost is the communal celebration of the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass. Beyond that are the many ways that the Church, and our parish in particular, offers to expand your spiritual horizons: your love and understanding of God and our amazing faith, reaching a deeper love, understanding and appreciation for all people. Next is the opportunity to answer the call to service. Become a volunteer at Infant Jesus and share your time and talent to spread the love of God that defines our faith to others in our parish, neighborhoods and beyond.