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Parish Rectory: Main Office Phone Number: 631—473—0165

The Parish Rectory is not only the administrative hub of the parish, but it is also the home of our parish's Pastor, Associate Priests, Visiting Priests and Hospital Chaplains. It is the main point of interaction between our church and the community. It is the place where our pastoral staff of priests and deacons meet in their offices with our parishioners and community to help them in their spiritual and daily lives.

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Religious Education / Faith Formation:; Main Office Phone Number: 631—928—0447

The education of our children is not complete without learning the fundamentals of our Catholic faith and receiving the loving graces that the Sacraments of Initiation — Eucharist and Confirmation — offer. A dedicated staff, along with many volunteers, bring the Word of God to a new generation of faithful Catholics. The Faith Formation Main Office is located in the Convent Building on Hawkins Avenue just off of Myrtle Avenue. Classes are held in the Our Lady of Wisdom School building and the attached Montfort Hall Parish Center. For Faith Formation class drop-offs and pick-ups please use the Montfort Hall entrance drive off of Main St. (Rt. 25A). The Religious Education office maintains their own dedicated website: religioused.infantjesus.org. This is best source for updates on school closures due to inclement weather or other reasons.

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Parish Social Ministry and Outreach: Main Phone Number: 631—331-6145

The basis of our Catholic faith is ‘Love.’ One of the great teachings of Jesus is that we should love one another as we love ourselves. Our Parish Social Ministry, in partnership with the parishioners of Infant Jesus, are focused on caring for the many needs of those who are suffering or undergoing hardship—financially, emotionally or physically. The Infant Jesus Parish Social Ministry Office is located in the Convent Building of of Hawkins Street.

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Rectory Main Office Front Desk Rectory 631—473—0165
- Fax Number
Main Fax Rectory 631—331—8094
- Finance & Bookkeeping
Deacon Carlito Roman Rectory 631—473—0165
- Facilities Management
Lucy Paplin Rectory 631—473—0165
- Ministries Office
Lucy Paplin Rectory 631—473—0165
- Spanish Ministry
Fr. Rolando Ticllasuca Rectory 631—473—0165
- Publishing Desk
Annie Santo Rectory 631—473—0165
- Pastoral Staff & Deacons
Fr. Patrick Riegger (Pastor) Rectory 631—473—0165
Religious Education Main Office Convent Building 631—928—0447
- Fax Number Main Fax Convent Building 631—331—8094
- Director
Corinne Addiss Convent Building 631—928—0447
Parish Social Ministry Main Office Convent Building 631—331—6145
- Fax Number Main Fax Convent Building 631—928—7527
- Director
Vicki Ryback Convent Building 631—331—6145

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